Beauty is everywhere, and most importantly in the eyes of the beholder. But, believe me when I tell you, sometimes beauty is such a magic that’ll heal even the most hurt hearts. Well, this young Russian woman is known for her heart captivating beauty is also deemed as the most attractive woman on the planet!

Meet this young Russian who is known as the world’s most attractive woman!

Instagram models are known for widely two things, one is their unimaginable beauty and the other is their booty!

This young Russian Instagram model has over 8 million followers on Instagram, and we couldn’t disagree!

Anastasia Kvitko, 23, is a Glamor model and became very quickly and widely famous over the internet for her beautiful curves.

Kvitko was born in Russia but moved to the United States in her late teens.

She first moved to Miami to pursue modeling.

Then, she moved to Los Angeles to pursue modeling as her full-time career.

She is famous for her 38-24-42 figure which she proudly carries.

Several modeling agencies had turned her down, but she refused to let go of her figure and turned it in her trademark.

She was also dubbed as the Russian Kim Kardashian.

Hot is definitely the first word that pops into your mind when you think of her.

It is really hard to believe that this impeccably beautiful model is just 23.

She earned her name in the glamour world way too quickly and is definitely giving all models a hard run for their money.

This Russian native has already made a big splash on the internet with her super hot pictures.

Beauty definitely agrees with her, not only does she have a beautiful face but she definitely has a body that many of us would kill for.