The truth has finally been said by somebody. Yes, it may hurt all of you who think Instagram is this divine place of beauty, and if you’ve made it in the Instagram world, then, you’ve made it in real life. But, truth be told guys, this is nothing but a waste of everyone’s time! And, this fitness model definitely knows it!

Fitness Model Chessie King reveals what Instagram Lies are all about, and you will agree with her as well!

It is not possible for a human being to look insanely beautiful all the time. I mean, do you seriously believe the pictures when these Instagram obsessed people who tell you, “Oh, just a random click”, “Oh, I just woke up from sleep, looking like this!”, when clearly she has been wide awake doing her makeup and hair just so she could take this picture.

But, there is one, who definitely loves Instagram and spends her time on it, but, is also not oblivious to its lies.

Chessie King is a fitness model and blogger. She spends most of her time on her work and making people aware that beauty isn’t just skin deep!

She tries to spread her word through humor and mainly people realize that they absolutely don’t need to live up to this fake beauty standards.

She wrote a book with he boyfriend Mat called, The Couple Bible.

There she included how people like to manipulate their pictures with adjusted lighting and picture quality and then upload it for the world to see.

Yes, we do want the world to only see our perfect body and face, not the happy and real us.

I’m sure it will come as a shock for everyone to see the latter on their Instagram timeline. But, hey, you are what you are, right!

And I’d definitely agree with this, this is the oldest trick in the trade. And for somebody who is definitely addicted to Instagram perfection finds this one particularly handy.

You can’t always be the happy couple, that is what you show to the world. Sometimes, being your kind of weird is absolutely fine.

The struggle is real, a few calories in and you definitely need to pull up those jeans for the perfect booty picture.

Well, I don’t know whether it is the lightning or the work-out but this is definitely one of the things that we see on the Instagram.

Because you can’t really hide that tummy!

Beacause a fitness model should reveal these things!

I can’t really make out the difference.

Yep, it sure does!

And, you’re perfect with it!